Finally completed the campaign

After getting an unscheduled day off from a hectic work load, I was able to dedicate a decent few hours to personal time and thankfully included some gaming. This was sufficient enough to finally complete the campaign for my 1st time, given the limited time spent, especially so that it was only ever in short blocks, and that it was on the hardest difficulty, I’m cool that it took until now. In all I thought that it was pretty good, and definitely gave the full feeling, in its own individual way compared to all previous SH games, of what it is to be an elite Terminator dealing with the vast waves of xenomorphs bearing down on you. Other than some of the points I have made where I feel there are some inaccuracies, which don’t spoil my overall rating after completing it, I feel that finishing the last task in chapter 9 resulted in a cool cutscene but then nothing!?! Now that fact alone is enough to take a point away in my books. At least a final overview and summary of such a heroic and valorous series of feats and invaluable relic reclamation’s and subsequent company honours from Grand Master Belial would have been sufficient. In any event it still was a memorable campaign, which in itself is a rarity in gaming these days. Those pesky bugs will rue my eventual body count. The servitors will be cleaning bug sputum, chitin flakes and internal bug goop from my armour for weeks.

Maybe Belial in white robes handing out the medals to warm n fuzzy Nahum, Lovable rogue Barry and our new hope the deadly battle Psyker would be a good ending. Tho I doubt they’ll bother coz it’ll cost a few mil. SPOILER!!! Look away NOW!!!

Btw, gr8 final cutscene, but did those hive ships get destroyed..?

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@kommodore77 yeah I thought the same thing as our ship seemed to just dodge the fusion reaction, there wasn’t a hive construct insight. I reckon they heard I was on the way out n killed ‘emselves 😈💀☠

@steakboy1 maybe it was a failed attempt n some possible hive dlc to come 😜

@kommodore77 next time we’ll be prepared with industrial sized fly spray and roach bombs. No need to obliterate the priceless ancient ships and countless other lost technology.....🙄

I liked the campaign, it was a challenge. I hope another new campaign comes
dlc someday ... there must be many Xenos still to purge !! ☠ 👾 👾