Great game. My mates and I are having a blast

And the discord is hopping. Easy to pick up randos anytime I want to play.

Just thought I'd throw out a kudo and a couple facts, lest the professional steam salt hobbyist whingers migrate too puffy.

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Over 40% drop on average for less than a month.

We believe you...

ding ding ding

Like pavlov's dogs. Replied first. Quoted steamcharts. Threw a passive aggressive insult. 1-2-3 like clockwork.

You just won me a 12 pack of Pale Ale on the discord. And gave the whole channel a laugh.

(PS - since I only blew the dog whistle to earn my beer, you can faff off now, I'll let you know when you can interact with me some more Bartie)

@hillslam oooh pale ale, must be an AussiešŸ¤™šŸ»

Your insults and name use don't change the fact your lying šŸ˜


How do Steam charts prove he and his friends aren't having a blast, it isn't easy to fill a match quickly (a fact I'm aware of because I actually play) and that the discord isn't buzzing? (Another fact I'm aware of because they run events here)

You're* full of shit.

'easy to pick up randos'

Assuming he's not on about some cheesy snack. You reveal your true colours here link, and it's great how you point out my uncared for grammar mistakes.

My "true colours"?

Yeah, any shade of brown that hasn't already fallen from you @Mr-B

Is it just when other people enjoy themselves that annoys you or that they enjoy Deathwing specifically?

On second thought, don't answer. I genuinely don't care, nor does anybody else.

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Stay polite here, all.

Great games last night. Two rounds with steam friends, 3 with rando groups from the discord. 7 lvls and a ton of renown.

Now if only we were Blood Angels...... šŸ˜

@hillslam I hear you fellow Son of Sanguinius. We paved the way for all other chapters to battle these xenos filth with our sacrifices and gained knowledge. Now if only there were surplus Tactical Dreadnought Armour suits to equip a few squads of the Death Company, Iā€™m sure more battle honours would pile upon our esteemed and most revered cadre!