What gives the Easy level has gotten much harder especially on Chapter 6?

Streum On Team

Apart from the new Genestealers dealing a bit more damage, the difficulty hasn't changed. What game mode are you playing? Campaign, solo special missions, multi special missions?

Campaign. Just trying to survive, and having one hell of a time in doing so. Terminators should be stronger than those blasted Xenos, especially during Easy Mode.

@streumon-f8 Are there plans to make the easy setting - easier? Chapter 9 is too difficult to be labeled easy.

Streum On Team

No plans right now, I'm afraid. Some other players are saying the hardest difficulty is too easy, so it's getting tricky to please everyone 😜
I'm sure many players would be happy to provide you with tips and advice to beat the game. We have a wonderful community here, on Reddit, on Steam and on Discord. In fact, this Reddit thread already does a fantastic job of explaining very useful tips and mechanics.

First things first, give Baz the claws or thunder hammer and get him to face off n help kill the bosses. Get a third more powerful psychic ability. Keep a diligent eye on the health of ur bots to quickly heal when necessary. Use lightning skill for turrets and annoying hybrids like heavy stubbers 😤. Maybe heal ur self when ur armour turns orange because one bioblast will kill u otherwise. Brood lords can’t hit u with psychic attack if ur moving about. The standard plasma gun can stagger a boss every hit, making it easy to kill bosses.

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@kommodore77 Many Thanks. I beat it; I had to make a few changes to my Battle Brothers, to get the right match-up for the final battle.

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