"Named" weapon special attacks bugged

Just wanted to report that the secondary attack on Joe's Barbed Cudgel (parry) and Samuel Connor's Mace (stun) aren't working. They play the correct animation, but their effect is the same as a standard attack. The base versions of the weapons, the Barbed Cudgel and Mace, work fine.

You can verify this by performing secondary attacks with both versions of both weapons. With the barbed cudgel, the named version's parry attack does not stun. With the mace, the named version's stun attack performs a regular damage attack with regular stun.

I haven't tested the 2h axe, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's not working correctly either.

Apologies for bumping this thread, but the 2H weapon secondary attacks don't appear to have been fixed by the July 2nd patch. Is the team aware/working on addressing this issue?

Hey there,

The team are aware of this issue, I've poked them on it now.