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Can someone explain to me what is the logic of the chat system on LE?
i just do not get it . You have no way to know when the discussion started ( 2 min ago or 5 hours before) . There is pages of chat . Why? What is triggering the creation of a new page , hours , days , lines ? Everytime you type a line , you have to reselect the box to be able to type again . Completly conter productive and such a deterrent to use. Frankly why could you just not implement it the way it was in BB1 ? There is not even a way to make a one on one chat .
Anyway i would like to know if you are going to improve it before release because right now it s pretty useless in it s current state

+1 please consider changing the chatsystem a bit for the next update, so that:

a) there is a timestamp
b) that it is possible to leave it visible all the time, while still being able to navigate through the menus / start spinning

I understand, that especially b is on the low priority list, but the chat system is not so usefull right now

Remark: I hope I don't sound to demanding :D. I am glad that you fixed some of the major issues already, good job on that 🙂

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+1 to add Timestamps

Currently, this new chat system in BB2:LE is unusable and useless.

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Regarding b): I know that making the chat visible for all the time will screw up the ui, this is why i think it is not realistical to hope that this will come soonish. An alternative would be to display a number above the chat-icon, which shows how many new messages there are (like you have here in the forums). This way the player would see whether there is osmeone active in the chat and would be more likely to click on it

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