New Information about Faction & Companion + My opinion

Now we have 2 confirm companion.
Siora from Native
Kurt from Mercenaries.
3 remain secret.

Right now we only have clear face/costume/voice of SioraI. Kurt's face&voice still unknown.

l hope we will have chance to see all of companion very soon.

I wonder if Siora&kurt are our starting companion. And I hope Spider will not trace Bioware step by make both of starting companion straight romance only.

Religious faction want to convert native to believe in their God? I really hope for peaceful method Not by force or lie.

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I like to play as mage in RPGs but I dont feel comfortable with light/shadow magic anymore if I have to believe in whatever god these people believe, it rubs me the wrong way I dont know. I really hope the main character can learn native magic (edit: already saw that can not be possible). Or at least you can say in-game that you have magic but you are not a believer

edit. I read the the main character can use magic because it is related to the Malichor Plague, so maybe this means I can roleplay as atheist mage/magic user??? 😛

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This is looking pretty good.

I'll probably be playing something along the lines of an atheist/agnostic character too. I hope that you can be pretty diplomatic about that otherwise getting the religious faction companion to like me will be difficult.

@nickclark89 said in New Information about Faction & Companion + My opinion:

maybe this means I can roleplay as atheist mage/magic user???

Only 1 of 6 factions from the new reveals from E3 seems to be religious. Besides the religious faction there's also merchants, scientists, mercenaries, sailors and nature hippies, quite the selection.

  • The Congregation of Merchants: A trading Nation ruled by prince merchants. They use their vast riches to gather power and increase their wealth.
  • The Bridge Alliance: Always seeking to learn more about the world and those around them, this nation believes science can explain everything and knowledge is power.
  • The Coin Guard: The main guild of mercenaries on the old continent. Military companies, bodyguards, paid assassins, combat instructors… they are hired by all the nations and important persons for their combat skills.
  • Thélème: A nation where magic users represent both religious and political power. Their mission is to preach the good word and convert the Islanders to their monotheist religion.
  • The Nauts: The only guild of navigators that can cross the high sea. They prosper thanks to their travels, helping other factions to cross the waves.
  • Islanders/Teer Fradean (Yecht Fradí in native language): They are native to the island of Teer Fradee. They are not a united faction, but all of them live in harmony with Nature, which they consider sacred. Some of them seem to have an even deeper, physical link to their environment, able to use elemental magic or to call for creatures. With colonization of the island underway, they must choose to be friend or foe to the new arrivals.

I'm pretty sure denouncing Theleme beliefs and pissing that faction off will be an option 🙂