Competitive on consoles

Hi all, im xbox player and our console hasn't more official competitive games, just halo and gears, official for me means, WORLD LEAGUE and LAN organized by ESL or Softwarehouse, i hope that this game will be competitive on console because we console's players are waiting for a game as insurgency that can bring a serious competitive on our console.

Make happy a lot of people, please, a lot of teams want a official competitve FPS, and insurgency can do it.

The pro scene will likely stick with PC in terms of big tournaments. There aren't enough console players that know about the game and that will for sure play it for there to be a pro league, at least in my eyes. The insurgency community on steam is enormous and so there is an audience for it. Just like console players usually don't watch CS tournaments when they can get it on their console, but it is much less played than the PC version. Maybe if it picks up steam on console you'll get your tournaments, but I doubt it's going to get that big.

I don't think there is going to be any sort of e-sport for Insu, maybe some community tournaments and that's it.