PS4 Pro Infinite Money Glitch, Loading Issues, Other Usability Issues / Suggestions

I've come across several issues in the game and wanted to report my experience. I'm on PS4 Pro. I'm sure some of these have been identified before, but just in case, sharing them.

  1. "Martin" doesn't charge me anything to buy items, but he pays if I sell them. This = Infinite money glitch.

  2. The loading pop-ups are incredibly disruptive. I shouldn't need to deal with them every time I dash for more than 5 seconds. This needs to be optimized. It's just not acceptable for how few interactive elements there are between all the empty areas. Implementing fast travel would help this in addition to just being a helpful mechanic in general. As much as I love getting lost and discovering stuff randomly, limited fast travel to some key areas (center of NPC districts for example) would be incredibly helpful for preventing the game from getting boring since the ad-hoc loading screens make everything take forever to travel to.

  3. While I understand the "choices-matter" mentality, during the Burying The Past boss fight, it is WAY too easy to accidentally bite the priest, ruining an otherwise "pacifist" run. Can we get a yes/no prompt or something to help ensure this doesn't happen accidentally?

  4. The framerate constantly drops to the 20FPS range, sometimes even lower. This is boggling... the game looks nice, but I mean, this isn't even in combat half the time. Again, optimization needs to be looked at as a big priority.

Thanks for listening, and otherwise love much of the game. More on the nice to have path, I wish there was a way to uncover missed hints... maybe a bribery mechanic, or if your mesmerize level is a lot higher than theirs you can "undo" a missed hint. Would add a lot of value to game experience.

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Has anybody else been able to replicate the money glitch with Martin?

Hi there!

Thank you very much for this, I'll pass these along to the dev team.

I'm sorry to hear about your encountering frame drops to 20FPS, I can confirm that we're working on a performance patch for Vampyr right now, that we expect to have out in the near future.

@ctrlshft Hey there! Which item was the infinite money glitch working with, please?