Team create text and in game chat text is huge and impossible to read

An issue I've noticed since playing the 1 st LE Beta

  • In the pre match screens and in the team creation / management screens most of the text is very very large, but also is overlapping other letters next to it.... this makes text impossible to read.... so I cannot read the player description, the player names, the team and stadium name, etc, etc.
  • in match text like the kick off event description /result the text is also so big and overlapping the letters next to it that you can't read the text
  • in game chat also has the same issue, so I cannot read what my opponent is saying.... that might be a blessing :p

These issues make things a little tricky at team creation, and unless you know what the kick off results effects are by name only (ie what is the effect of a riot) then for new players kick off events would be hell, and it makes in game chat impossible.

Key points that might help you:

  • the text affected all appears to be the same font

  • i have a high dpi screen, but play vanilla bb2 (which doesn't have this issue) at double pixel density so the resolution is 2800 x 1800 but I play Vanilla BB2 at 1400 x 900 and it looks great with none of these text issues. I've tried playing BB2 LE at both resolutions and the text issue described above still occurs.

  • All 3 issues above are not always present, I would say in some form or another the issue is always there but it's not always all 3 in the same session. Example: last 4 sessions I've had, the first 3 had all 3 issues (large unreadable text pre game, kick off events and in game chat) the last session the in game chat was fine.

The issue could be as simple as the font you use for those pieces of text/chat is not optimized for use on high dpi screens, but whatever it is you might want to get it fixed ASAP as releasing a game for purchase to new users where they cannot read text, easily create a team or enjoy in game chat is not good.

I can get screenshots for you if you would like

Community Manager

Hi, screenshot would be helpful. Are you playing on Mac? If yes, it's a known issue and we're working on it.

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