What about HUD

will this game will be hud friendly Or no huds as original

Very minimal HUD, just like the original.

From what I've seen,it will be close to the original, except you *might see action icons on objects you can interact with. (There's no knowing whether this will make it into the final build and stay after the following updates)

Personally, I think there should be some tweaks to it if they plan on keeping the icons.

I don't think objects you can mantle over need to have icons indicating you can do it. Bf3 did fine without it.

Doors should probably just be retextured in a way that makes them easy to tell they're breachable. (I don't have any ideas,but in Rainbow Six Siege made all door barricades have an X spraypainted uniformly on each and every one of them. You can instantly recognize them after your first playthrough. A uniform design of some sort wouldn't be so bad. )

On dropped weapons having the icon (that indicates you can pick them up), I think the icon should only appear a few seconds after the former owner is killed,and should only appear if you down look directly at the weapon and have only a few mags left.

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