Armor Skins/Stats/Lightning Claws.

Ave Brothers!
Customising armor skins is common way in games to show whos boss, right..
But still, in these Heretic times of all looks and bling blings...
your level and skill speaks more!
It would be nice when you put your well earned...
Purged! 30k points to Armor looks
it would give small bonus to something
Armor/ Melee/ Ranged/ Crit/ Cooldown
Maybe from 2% to 5% or something.
To make us need or want em.
Basic skins looks great enough.
Lightning Claws are great and fun weapons
and can be used if not all but almost every character cant remember
But Apo/Tactical with those things is about get in trouble
I suggest Lightning Claws bonus Perk available for all classes.
Armorskin of Claw boost perhaps.
Game is much fun yet still bit buggy after 1.02 update fix.
Thank you Brothers!
Purge em All!

You still lose your exp collected
during the mission that all of a sudden
just ends to the wall when host quits game and you go back to starting screen?
Happened couple of times and for my opinion
after long road collecting relics etc is most annoyin, please fix this.