SUGGESTION: Game Ruined by this ONE thing.

Hey, guys. I've several hours in to my first playthrough and I'm loving MOST things about the game. With all story-driven games, there's a need to have a brilliantly crafted story and Vampyr has, the dialogue is superb, the skill tree is far more in depth than I had imagined it would be and the clue/hunting system lends a fresh perspective to what could have been a standard entry in the genre.

HOWEVER! One big thing let's this game down...and it's unavoidable. The fighting is SOOOOO clunky and unnatural looking. Seriously. It ruins all immersion in the game. Too many times do you go to hit somebody only to find that, despite being a vampire who can teleport to great heights, Jonathon can't leap 3 feet to attack someone and just flails limply at the air in front of him, before getting swiftly countered in his stupid vampire face. Come on. This guy can teleport. Why can't he just teleport to the nearest enemy in the direction you attacked and hit them? Batman did it in the Arkham games. Assassins have been doing it for a few games now. Can't we see Jonathon use his ability to teleport in combat? Not as a skill, just a passive action whenever somebody is out of reach? It would lend such a fluidity to the combat that would just feel a lot more natural for somebody of Dr. Reid's ability.

It really spoils the immersion of the game to be this supernatural being with incredible power who can't cross a metre to attack somebody. Add in the teleport attack as a passive action when somebody is out of reach and the game improves exponentially and becomes the AAA game it was/is destined to be, guys.


Well the game does give you the ability to spring forward to your enemies by upgrading one of Johnathan's moves. Also remember you are playing as a doctor who is a vampire he does not have much combat experience. Also you are comparing the wrong games to this game if anything the combat is similar to that of The Witcher 3 which everyone loved the combat and even I found it fun but the main character of The Witcher 3 was not able to teleport to his nearest enemy and your excuse that he is an expert swordsman with no teleportation powers is not valid when you are comparing a human Batman jumping thirty feet to fight someone. I do not want to sound like I am mad or anything I just want you to realize that all games are created differently and each developer creates their games how they would like. Also DontNod has a smaller team many of the other developers you mentioned.

Okay, so here's the thing - you can feel however you like about the game, and that's fine, but don't tell me I'm wrong. Lol. Each opinion is just that - an opinion. We all enjoy games in different ways and the Devs pointed me here to give my feedback, which I did. I asked for your own thoughts on the game, not your thoughts on my opinion.

However, to respond to some of your comments, here:

  • I'm aware of the active skill. That's not what I was suggesting. In fact, it's the very reason I was sure to mention the word passive several times.
  • I can compare the combat to any game I like, so don't tell me I'm comparing it to the wrong game. That's the game I chose to use as a reference. However, I actually wasn't trying to compare it to Arkham. I was trying to give a frame of reference for how a more fluid combat system could be achieved. Which, in my opinion, a similar system to Arkham would achieve.
  • I've never played the Witcher.
  • Size of dev team is wholly irrelevant. They managed to make a game, complete with everything else, they can manage to make a combat system.

So, in closing, I appreciate that you have your own view and that's great. Totally happy you shared it. But that's where your comment should have ended. You get to disagree, but you don't get to tell people their own opinions are less valid than yours because you disagree.

Have a great day, buddy. 🙂

Also, your point about devs making games how they like is totally inane. Devs make games they think people will like, so they will sell. Plus, there's a reason that Devs ask for feedback and input from shape the future of the games they make. So, your point misses the mark just as much as Jonathon Reid. Lol. 😂

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The combat doesn't look fancy, but is very smart and has a nice composition when you use a good variety of actions, which is how it is supposed to be played, if you want to be both effective and stylish.

I can imagine people used to just roll and R1 spam in Dark Souls being frustrated with this combat. I'd say Vampyr's combat is a simplified version of Nioh. It's all about variety.

I would like to see a video from your combat efforts.

Here is one of mine. I don't think it looks clunky:

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>