[FAN THEORY] Lord Mortimer's secret

I think Lord Mortimer has a secret...and it's that he is immortal. In the first episode, in the Gorgo chapter, you find yourself in a secret room filled with what looks like legendary/ancient artefacts (Pandora's box, Cesar's laurels, a gospel written by Judas...) and with documents dating hundreds of years back with Mortimer's signature on it... It may explain Sarah de Richet's obsession with him and his knowledge of the occult. It may also explain his giant stock of artworks... The secret room in his office contains some elements that hint to that explanation (though I can't recall them exactly right now) and also explain his involvement in literally everything happening around the world. However I think the most important element is the Mortimer book that you can consult in his office. Louis notices that not only there is always ONE son noted, but no mother is ever indicated...
What do you guys think? Have you an alternate explanation? ☺

I agree that Lord Mortimer might be immortal. However, I wonder if that will come into play in the story like giving Louis a chance of becoming immortal too but at a cost. I can't wait to play the next episode of this game.

I didn't think about that! Perhaps it will be linked to the book?

Not just immortal-- I think that's not going far enough. I think he's a time traveler (possibly from our near future). I think he's travelling back in time and establishing a family by investing in "sure" things-- he knows, for example, that Napoleon isn't only a captain in the French army, but that he's one day going to be Emperor of France. And that's also how Mortimer is able to have a copy of Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son on his wall despite that work not having been painted until decades after the game is supposed to be set.

HOLY MOTHER OF FORK now that you say it, it makes so much sense!
If memory serves, some letters in Mortimer's secret room may go in that sense. I really need to go back and make screenshots!
EDIT: now that I think about it, the very theme of the paintings in Napoléon's room may confirm your theory. Indeed, all the paintings depicts Hannibal's victories... But if you know history, then you know that Hannibal, despite his incredible victories (I mean, he almost single-handedly wiped out the Roman empire), ended up losing...losing his life and Carthage lost its empire and eventually was razed. Talk about a metaphor for good ol' Napoléon.

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Gonna have to throw my lot in with @qdogg224. I totally agree that to reveal Mortimer as being immortal doesn't go far enough. Immortality alone doesn't make sense of all anachronisms we've seen, even if it explains away the book in the office and the hidden treasures. Another anachronism is the statue of the Three Shades by Rodin, downstairs. Rodin was born in 1840 nearly fifty years after our tale takes place. I could see the developers making one slip up, or two, or three, but so many, nah... surely it's gotta be purposeful?

Also, the book Sarah told Louis not to read. It might be nothing more than a frivolous Easter egg on the part of the devs, but its incredibly modern reference stands out like a sore thumb. Another clue?

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