One of the most thrilling parts of this game was when Johnathan and his sister reunited only to be killed by his hunger for blood as a newborn vampire. The game got better when Johnathan realized that there was someone who was following him for half of the game.
When we realized that the person following Johnathan was none other than the one person we didn't think of. It was his sister Mary which was an incredible plot twist and opened up a bunch of possibilities for the story. However, I was a bit disappointed that a character as important to Johnathan as his sister would be killed off again without giving players the choice of keeping her alive to see how she affects the story. I would've loved to see her as one of the main villains who could probably have been turned into an ally who would help Johnathan. She was without a doubt the hardest boss in the game except for one other boss that I won't spoil for people who have not beaten the game yet.