objects with movement

How to animate an object in 3dmax for spintires? example, flags in movement

I thought of the same thing but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Too much RL stuff going on right now.

i can give you the files of the seesaw thing i made for the old spintires, maybe we can figure out how to make it work in mudrunner together

@hydrowasul, You can't get that working in MR? I was gonna make my own but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

to be honest i haven't even tried yet, i might do some testing later

@hydrowasul I made my own , its really easy to make it work, ine just have some issues with trucks weight (it can support my trucks, but anything over 4000kgs makes it wiggle a bit) and most mods in the ws have unreal weights over 4000kg despite being small suvs

i couldn't try it so far (my map editor doesn't seem to work very well yet 😁 )

but here's the files if you want to experiment with it: