I reached the quest destination where I had to battle these 2 bickering skals on the second floor. They are quite tough to kill since they both are bosses. When I reached them the first time, I couldn't kill them and died many times trying to find out their pattern of attacks. After many deaths, I exited the house to go back to my hideout to upgrade some skills and weapons.

Now here comes where the game really screws with you and becomes very unmerciful. Because I exited the area and then return back to try to kill to two boss skals, when I die battling the game will port you all the way back outside to where you have to fight those 3 normal skals. When I first encountered those 2 boss skals the very first time, I would just reappear/reload down stairs when i died. All I needed to do is walk up the stairs and start the battle again. Simple right? Well, if you didn't exit that area it would be simple but since I exited the area and then returned back. Now I have to fight the 3 normal skals outside and then continue on to fight the 2 boss skals inside when I die. 😞 What happened to just restarting me back down stairs again when I die?

Devs, can you please put it in your next update/patch to fix the reloading spot back down stairs no matter if you exit or not exit the area? This would be just a simple fix. I am still dying when battling those 2 boss skals. And it just aggrevates me even more to have to do more battles outside when I die. Very frustrating. Because of this, I have not played the game since this had happened.