Ok, so I turned Swansea, McCullum, and Dawson into vampires during my Not Even Once playthrough. The first night after I turned Swansea, everything in the Pembroke Hospital district was fine. Every single person was healthy except for one, who I gave treatment. I was 1 or 2 percentage points away from having the district's status be sanitized. However, the next night, I woke up to a news paper article detailing how Pembroke Hospital was attacked. I looked at the district and EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. except for Swansea has died and the hospital has filled with skals. The district status is lost. It was COMPLETELY HEALTHY AND ALMOST SANITIZED just the night before. I thought this might just be a very frustrating consequence of me turning Swansea into a vampire, but I am the ONLY person who has had this result after doing so. Everyone else has had the district's status decline and had more people get sick and I understand that this will happen to Pembroke no matter what at this point in the game, but my ENTIRE DISTRICT DIED OVERNIGHT AFTER BEING ALMOST SANITIZED. I am extremely frustrated and this has almost completely ruined the game for me, as I have not embraced a single person and kept every district as healthy as possible up to this point. Am I freaking out over nothing? Did I just have a very specific line of decision making that led to all the citizens of Pembroke dying despite being at almost max health? Or is this a huge glitch that has permanently fucked up my game?