Scrubs roster (non-CRP home rule)

So, BB2 has some issues with current bank system which make it difficult for more squishy teams to accumulate a lot of money in advance, in case they'll take heavy losses one day. There is a reason for that (to not allow overdog to buy too much inducements easily). We also have Aging rule active in some Leagues, which adds additional needs to constantly prepare substitutions for your core positionals so you would have another experienced one when the current star will retire.

We also have certain positionals in some teams which are not quite popular, because they are only situationally useful. Like, Assassins in Dark Elves roster, or some Big Guys. They are often not used at all as they may only be useful in certain matches, while bloat TV in all of them.

Idea: Each team gets short support roster for its scrub players (1-3 players long). Players put there stop being counted towards its TV, and cannot be fielded after match is started and don't get MVPs. Thus you can have said Assassin which you only need in your matches against elves and stunties, and keep him in scrubs for the rest of your matches; or you could have this goblin with DP which most of orcs team usually don't use, and keep him in scrubs for some very special match where you may need him finally. Thus all those interesting guys may actually see some fielding after that, bumping variety a bit.

Or you can buy certain positionals in advance with spare money, and put them there. In such case you should be allowed to keep more positionals of certain type than you are usually allowed by your team's roster (of course, you still can't field more than that)

So, for example, in leagues where aging is enabled, you could have 2 active Wardancers in your Wood Elves team, and one extra you bought after some time and put into scrubs. So you can sometimes field him instead of one of those active dancers, allowing him to earn some SPPs - thus preparing a substitution for your main dancers, as they will retire one day (or meet sudden demise).

It solves also issue with the cash limits - you can't use those money invested into additional players to buy inducements, so it's safer than allowing such teams to carry more cash without it being added to TV, from this point of view

This also will allow to put some of your valuable players in there if you have some worries there will be too much risk of them getting injuries in the upcoming match, substituting them with rookies, for example. So adds additional freedom for team management part of the game.

Edit's Edit:
Players put into scrubs shouldn't be "aging" at the same rate as active players do, except for matches in which they are actually were fielded. After all, they don't see that much carnage as active players do 🙂 I believe Aging deals not with their biological age, but more with amount of physical and psychological traumas accumulated 🙂 So it's reasonable (and makes it more effective in preparing substitutions for your main players). Either matches where they were not active shouldn't age them at all, or age them at 1/2 or 1/3 rate as active players age.

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  • Again, it should be an optional feature in private leagues.

There surely will be attempts to miss-use this feature in case "no aging for players in scrubs" approach is chosen. One thing that comes to mind is somebody could cowardly hide his about-to-retire Star Thrower there, taking him out only for some key matches, thus prolonging his career for a while. Some ways to prevent it are below:

  1. Just use 1/2 or 1/3 aging rate for inactive players in scrubs instead of "no aging" rule. Even more, 1/2 or 1/3 rate could only be applied to fairly inexperienced players in scrubs, like, until they reach lv4 or lv5. Then they always age at the same speed, regardless of location. Similar, for players below lv2 or lv3, while they stay in scrubs, Aging could not happen at all, or happen even at slower rate (to facilitate preparations of substitutions for your key players).

  2. If a player don't see fielding for a lot of consecutive matches (5, 10, 15?), he asks for his share of winnings, as he probably don't get that much money being a mere scrub (not to say fame), and still must pay his bills. In this case coach must pay the whole his current price again (base price + all skills and stats ups he earned so far). If he can't or doesn't wish to do this, player leaves.

  3. If a player don't see fielding for a lot of consecutive matches (5, 10, 15?), he gets marked as "about to become out of fit". If he is still not fielded in next match after it happened, he enters 1st "out of fit" stage. Initial effect should be just -MA or -AV, or both (stage1). If he is still not fielded at next match after that, he enters stage2 and effects get more severe (additional -AG, -ST, -MA and -AV etc), and so on. Some table could be devised listing fixed effects, for simplicity, 5 stages will do. To get back into form, he needs to actually play a number of consecutive matches equal to the current number of "out of fit" stage (so, up to 5 matches). At the end of each match some of negative effects are lifted of him as he "moves" through stages in reverse order. There should be limitation of some sort preventing coaches from just conceding/DCing from a lot of matches until effects are gone; unjustified concedes shouldn't help to regain fitness. If player is rotated back to scrubs midway while restoring his fitness, then next match the team plays doesn't change his state in any way, but if he is still left in scrubs in the match next after that, he is thrown back one "out of fit" stage and will continue to deteriorate each match from now on, as described above (up to stage5).

Any of those rules may be combined to put more pressure on the coach, if needed. 1) and 3) could combine nicely, imo, providing more rich team management experience.

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Just have thought it does seems as good feature for Leagues with scheduled matches (as you can see who you'll face next and conduct rotations in your roster accordingly), while doesn't fit in its current state into MM mode. Unless additional pre-match phase is added (before computing final TV difference and giving out inducements) where you can rotate your roster, you won't be able to use it effectively to adapt to the upcoming match, so this benefit is lost in this mode. And allowing something like this will lead to situations where somebody will be paired by his current TV, and then will take out his star blitzer out of scrubs suddenly. Though it will still result in more inducements, it probably will disappoint a lot of people caring about fair MM 🙂

Nevertheless, the rest of its benefits is still here, including much more interesting team management experience.

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