XP lost in injury

Ma furie a blessé un skink lors de sa deuxième attaque (frénésie) et l'a sorti du terrain. L’apothicaire n'a pas été utilisé.
Néanmoins ma furie n'a pas eu les 2 points d'expérience dus à la blessure (elle est toujours à 0 XP).

My fury injured a skink during his second attack (frenzy) and pulled him out of the field. The apothecary was not used.
Nevertheless my fury did not have the 2 experience points due to the injury (she is still at 0 XP).


And after the game :

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You don't XP for injuries caused by the crowd.

In this case, perhaps the kinematics of the crowd should pass before the kinematics of the injured opponent. It will be less confusing.