In this briefing we will go over the more advanced strategies of Space Hulk: Tactics. Make sure you’ve learned the basics from our previous devblog so you understand how everything works before diving deep.

Where better place to start than the Librarian? Arguably the most powerful unit it’s possible to field, the Librarian comes with a storm bolter and force axe but is capable of so much more than his brethren thanks to his knowledge and manipulation of warp energies. More than simply deciding to shoot, advance on, or assault enemies, each turn he can pick between psychic powers to unleash on his foes.

These include a fierce storm that devastates an area and a one-tile blocker that is completely impenetrable. While the former is the more obviously powerful, the nature of combat in the tight, hellish corridors of a space hulk makes the latter a serious consideration. Wiping out a few genestealers is glorious, but completely delaying their numbers from one direction for a turn is invaluable, letting you split their numbers or complete an objective with time to spare.

Of course, the Genestealers have plenty of their own powerful tactics to bring to bear. Using cards to spawn special, more powerful Genestealers on blips is a new feature for Space Hulk: Tactics, letting you bring titanic Broodlords and the insidious Reaperfex into the fight, among others.

The Broodlord has two extremely powerful special abilities. It can use the ducts and back passages of the Space Hulk to move around the map instantly during its turn, proving a deadly surprise for Terminators with their backs to previously-empty corridors. The Broodlord also operates as a mobile spawn point for Genestealer blips, letting you deploy new units on the frontlines, so long as your Broodlord is safe.

The Reaperfex is more of a Genestealer assassin. It can pass through blocked tiles – be that allied units, enemies, or locked doors – and appear unscathed on the other side. It also takes less action points to move directly towards enemies. For backstabs and sneaky manoeuvres, it’s unparalleled, and terminators who suffer unlucky jams won’t survive for long once a Reaperfex is in play.

The binding factor here is the card system and using it correctly will let your genius shine. Extra action points on the Terminator side and more blips on the Genestealer side mean that converting a card every turn is almost a necessity. Actually using cards is limited by Terminator Command Points and Genestealer Menace Points, although zero-cost cards also exist.

The upshot of it all is endless options and decisions from the very first turn. Which cards do you want to convert now, even though you’ll lose access to them until you cycle through your entire deck? Do you want to save Command Points for a big turn of instant kills and better shots, or gain smaller advantages every turn? Genestealers can use cards to work through their deck and dig out their more powerful cards, but it isn’t cheap to deploy a Broodlord and poor positioning or planning will see it die just as easily as any other Genestealer.

How will you play your cards in Space Hulk: Tactics, coming this year to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam? We’ll be back with another devblog soon all about the lore surrounding the Forsaken Doom space hulk and the Blood Angels attempt to stop it.

last edited by Iyagovos