Overtime then Penalties.

What is with the 8 turn overtime where one team only gets to receive and then it's decided a dice roll for a penalty shoot out. Its fantasy grid iron, not Football/Soccer. It's not a fair way of doing things.
In the interest of fair play, make it 4 and 4 at the very least, THEN the crap penalty shoot out soccer garbage. You guys have gone to great efforts in BB2 to make the game better, which you have, then leave something in there like this. Chubbs.

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These are the Overtime rules of the Blood Bowl board game, with they are using.

Not saying the overtime rules can't be improved, but unless the rules for tabletop change or Focus/Cyanide decide they're no longer going to follow TT rules then it's staying as it is.

Cheers for the response Darkson. I didn't even know that was the official rule. Surprising to know this given it's such a gimped rule.

P.15 of the rules:

The team with the most touchdowns at the end of the last turn of the second half is the winner. If the match is tied at the end of the second half it is declared a draw unless both coaches agree to go into ‘sudden death overtime.’ Flip the Blood Bowl coin to see which coach chooses who kicks-off, and then play a third series of eight turns per team. Any re-rolls still remaining at the end of the second half (including re-rolls earned from Kick-off events, Inducements or Special Play cards) are carried over and may be used in overtime, but teams do not receive new
allocations of re-rolls as they normally would at the start of a new half. The first team to score wins the match. If neither team scores, then the match is decided by a penalty shoot-out; each coach rolls a D6, high score wins, re-roll ties! Each unused team re-roll adds 1 to the D6 score.