Shortcuts key request

With the kislev and the vamp coming our way is it possible to request the return of the skortcut keys like B , L and so on ? I miss these shortcuts deseperatly on the kislev when you have a full team of leaps it can be time consuming to right clic left clic ....

And I'm personally find it quite daunting I must select results like "To follow/Not to follow" during blocks, and in other similar cases, with a mouse cursor. I need each time move mouse cursor back for a bit to select the result from menu above my blocking player's head. That quickly becomes old..I saw once somebody playing BB2 on console, and they are able to easily select result by moving their sticks or cross up and down. It would be nice if you could select result from such menus by hitting, say, num keys with your left hand; thus, counting from top to bottom, first menu item would be triggered by pressing "1", 2nd - by "2" and so on.

I believe you can do it with mouse wheel, but that's prone to missclicks.

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