Red rivers glitch

Hey guys, hope you can help.

I’ve just arrived at the murder scene of the woman hanging from the tree, and when I have used all the options for dialogue- it doesn’t let me carry on or exit. My only options are to continue reviewing the body. I know this has been an issue with a few people but is there any way it can be fixed? Or else it’s game over for me. Put too much into it to start again.


I agree completely but this problem never gets a response from anyone important. Numerous other bugs have been addressed in the new patch but not this one and I have yet to get anyone to tell me when they plan on dealing with this as I am also stuck at that stupid tree

Hi @jeremy4695, I was responded to your post about this yesterday.

@joeasman92 I've passed this on to the team, and they're looking into it now. Thank you for raising this for us, I appreciate it.

Hey people,

Is there an indication on how long it's going to take to fix this glitch ?? Cause basically some or a lot of people are completely stuck and are waiting to continue.

Thanks in advance

@jasper I don't have a timeframe on it, sadly. I am continuing to tell the team that it is very important to the community that we get it fixed, though.

Hi all,

We're still looking into this - are you able to provide a save file by any chance @jasper?

this is still an out going problem please do something about it i want to play this game and it needs to be fixed now