The E3 gameplay i love execpt the insurgents they need a more sterdy look they look to skinny and dorky and slumped they need a more ruffened meaner look somehow plus a little more less pajama look its okay if u dont fix i can deal with it but just my opinion and ya more blood

Remember, character models at E3 were just placeholders.


I hope what you're saying is true,because I'm not taking a liking to them. Each side should look distinct,impossible to mistake one for another. I've played Rising Storm 2 and I often found some models to be indistinguishable from one side or another. (The no-shirt models especially)

I suggest the following...
*Only security with have female characters. (Should be a given)
*All security must wear tan pants and tan vests (or white on snow maps) (You can customize everything else)
(You can customize headgear,shirts,type of pants,accessories,hats,etc. You also have a wide variety of heads from different ethnic backgrounds, including female characters.)

*Insurgents don't wear tan, ever. Insurgents don't wear white on snow maps.
(You have more customization options for pants and vests,but you can't equip hats,sunglasses or anything that's tan. You can still choose from different heads,but there is less ethnic variety and there are no females.)

E3 shown early work, concepts, things which are bound to change.

And also do you forget that this is on pc? if the game can be modded and work posted on the steam workshop then you'll have an armada of outfits uniforms camo patterns tactical additions and guns to play with.

thou should not worry unless the devs say nope.exe to mods.

@musicnote I don't think they need to do all that, I play RS2 as well and part of the learning curve is quick identification of enemies. Insurgents will wear tan in real life, and they also have female fighters among them. I'm sure they will give all security forces some sort of western camo like multicam, and from the trailer you can clearly tell who is who. Insurgents are dressed fairly casually with tshirts and head dressings, security had uniforms.