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Hi everyone,

Our tech-priests have now reached a new stage in the development of Space Hulk: Tactics and we'd like to have your feedback to shape the best possible game! More info about Space Hulk: Tactics here.

If you're interested, please click here to register and get a chance to participate in the Space Hulk: Tactics Closed Alpha - we'll contact you by email if you're selected!

If you already registered for the Closed Alpha during a previous stage of testing, you will automatically be included in this stage of testing - there is no need to re-register for the alpha. We value all the feedback that have received from you during the previous alpha, and during this, we hope to build upon that with more valuable feedback from you players!

The Closed Alpha will be covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, meaning you won’t be able to share any screenshots, videos or info about the beta outside of the dedicated hidden forum.

The Emperor Protects!


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If we were in a previous Alpha, and have uninstalled on Steam (I was unaware that there would be another Alpha), do I simply reinstall on Steam?


For The Emperor!

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Hello, i got a mail from James BARTHOLOMEOU on july 02, i filled the final registration, but didnt receive any steam key, should i worry ?

When will we be receiving the stuff we need to download it and play?

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Hi both,

You should be receiving keys in the very near future.

Focus Team

@deathkiller said in Register For The Space Hulk: Tactics Closed Alpha:

When will we be receiving the stuff we need to download it and play?

Hey Deathkiller and Tavnos
the keys and info has been sent on wednesday. Let us know if you did not receive them.

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I was also someone who received the first email from James but no follow up. I did send a response email after a week of the first email.

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@requiet Hey there!

I've not seen a response email from you, could you PM me? We'll get this sorted out 🙂

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