PS4 - Anyone else find Terminators get trap?

I'm current on one of the special mission on the Rouge Trader ship & one of my Terminators seem to be trap.
I hope this make sense. When you leave the room that has the skulls & Blood Angels helmet on the table. There a sort hidden path with the metal sheet cover it & it has a rocky path, it just one of my Terminators is trap on the rocks & will not move ether using the command, when Genestealer are attacking or when trying to push them (usely they move to one side if your going past).

This tend to happen on the Black Templar ship as well with some of the vents, but you can often sort that out by walk past & having the Terminator walk to one side.

Just I don't want to re-start the game as I've already spent the past 20 minute on this mission.

Just wonder if anyone else has had this issue?


@warpsmith05 yes I got stuck in the final exit tunnel while completing a special mission. It glued me to the far end of the circular tunnel at the mouth and while I could turn and melee, my ranged fire was completely without effect and the attacks by the genestealers was hit and miss, which took about 5 minutes for me to finally die when allowing them free shots. Only happened once but that was the last time I played there so I’d have to play again to see if it repeats.

I have. I lost Brother Nahum, he would not obey my orders, but simply stayed in an area, which I had him defend at one time, thereby resulting in a most inglorious death. He brought shame to the Dark Angels Chapter.

I have see my message below.

It's been forwarded to the devs. Thank you.