Game Breaking Chair (PS4 version)

On the mission "Give a Dog a Bad Name", when talking to Sean Hampton, the conversation cuts out halfway through and now Reid is stuck in the middle of a chair unable to move. This is on the PS4 version, but I've heard of it happening on other versions as well. Can we expect a fix anytime soon?

I'm encountering the same exact issue with the pc version. I've restarted, reloaded, but still nothing. After the first part of the conversation, Reid is stuck in the chair. It would be a shame to start a whole new playthrough, but on other forums where this issue is brought up, the bug has occurred again on second playthrough'. Please help.

You guys are indeed awesome!! The patch you released fixed the issue. It's always good to see developers listening to their community and striving towards improving their product. It's quality companies like you that keep the big companies in check! Good work and thanks!

@kwazi Glad to hear it! Apologies for not responding initially when you both made this post, it was a hectic week.