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@endywax Same issue here, that was I was trying to explaing days ago.

ive been registerred since the e3 reveal, still havent gotten anything. Crazy.

I am a participant in a closed alpha test. I got the key to closed beta. should I activate this key ? and if I activate the key, then in my steam library two versions of the game will be displayed or one will disappear ?

Hey guys, just got my key for the beta. got a quick question does the current NDA extend into the beta? or is there no NDA for the beta?

Когда я нажимаю «Зарегистрироваться сейчас», он ничего не делает,рекламным блоком и прочими плагинами в браузере не пользуюсь.

If we were accepted into the closed Beta, is streaming allowed, or videos to YouTube? i have not found an NDA and i would like to comply as this Game looks amazing from the trailer and screen shots.
Thank you.

I am a participant in a closed alpha test. I got the key to closed beta. Going into the game writes in the lobby "user restricted by access level". What is the problem

How to get beta key? Thnx. Как получить ключ на бету? Спасибо.

Подскажите пожалуйста можно ли еще ключ получить

Подскажите можно ли ключ получить

How to register to the beta if there is no way to register through website? : > - screen with error. Seems like u need better QA for websites:)

Hello sorry to bother you but I have the same problem I cant use the register now button, my e-mail is

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