Distribution troubles.

I have my material setup "dirt to rough mtrl_base.tga"

Grass Long, Grass Messy, Small Rocks and Pines work via the brush, but things such as Herbs, Mushrooms, Small Trees etc do not. How can I enable all distributions to work, is it a material issue? It's kinda long having to hand place each tree for a specific section. Although it can look more natural some sections of this map would benefit from a quick distribution paint.

I added in a "Forest" material, and Herbs paint fine on that.. But for this map I am using Rough.

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@digital-x rough doesn't support all distros. Same with Soil and i will guess sand (beach)

Oh dear. Ok thank you. I might have to suck it up and switch to Forest. Is there any way or enabling all distros on all terrains?