Cyclone Missile Launchers?

I know that Patches, Bug Fixes etc. have priority, but what about

Cyclone Missile Launchers? 😈 💥 💥 💥

Have these ever been considered?

@psi2007a-d quite a few people have brought this up over the last few years, so I’m guessing it might be too expensive and time consuming to include as they’ve not bothered yet... It would be a great weapon or skill for the Tactical. 😎

Edit: I don’t think a cyclone rack will fit through the fence doorways in chapter 3 tho they really should give Tactical the Cyclone to give the class its je ne sai quoi

Edit: it would be better as an attachment weapon exclusive to Tactical because as a skill ud have to change all termi models of the Tactical permanently across the board but as a weapon it can be a toggle on/off visual attachment to existing termi models. Cyclone would only be used with bolters n redemption, thus simultaneously making that +20 perforation bolter perk useful plus a point to using bolters as Tactical. Maybe give Cyclone a really long reload, almost like a 4th skill.

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Obviously, lore is another possible reason for its omission from this game, but ‘SH ascension’ had no problem including Cyclone ML. Plus the maps are like large and vast cathedrals in places, which I doubt is lore abiding to the board game but brilliant nonetheless.

@kommodore77 I can’t see any reason that they couldn’t be used while keeping to a lore based focus, there really aren’t any dead set stipulations as to what loadout a chapters 1st Company could/would choose. Fitting to game rules is a different kettle of fish. As far as the elite of the elite go, take what you are proficient with and that fits the pre mission plan. As far as the fence in chapter 3 - I’m pretty sure the Cyclone can deal with that💥🔥 lol. A power fist is out of the question with the Cyclone as the free hand has the targeting module incorporated in the standard gauntlet like the Storm Bolter hand.

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There used to be auxiliary grenade launchers for veteran Terminators in earlier Space Hulk games. Mounted on the power fist (not the gun), they were usually loaded with six frag grenades and explicitly intended for blasting Genestealers around corners. If the cyclone launcher is too big, maybe this will fit?

@dopp yeah absolutely. If I remember correctly it was the veteran sgt that had the option. They were based on the Jokaero Digital weapon frames. Awesome point, gave me a flashback from years ago. Man I’m old.......😖

@steakboy1: The cyclone was given an integrated sensor system some editions ago, so users don't have to give up their melee weapon any more.

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@dopp true, you have jogged my memory. Good thing that, it always looked average on the miniature too.

Someone in ‘Ideas and suggestions’ column wrote in about July 2017 a vast post about having the cyclone and suggested a 6 canister rack, so that might just fit through the fence? However I’ve noticed that the Apos light is too high for the chapter 3 fence doorways anyway. Alternatively, Dopp’s idea of having grenade launcher on glove would be gr8 and probably easier to develop and use on a controller. Aim by charging the power glove L2 and release L2 to send a volley o nades.


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@kommodore77id love to see the implementation of the chainfist for just such a circumstance but terrain destruction is a big step to add. Maybe the knee joints of each suit can get a work out and ducking under low obstacles would work lmao😆

I can't see cyclone missile launchers working, by lore they were the long range weaponry for terminators (open field battles) but in space hulks bolters/melee/flamers were more suited.

Game-wise it would be cool, but I can't see any proper usage in narrow places, with three other terminators pushing on the way constantly.

@voldo although as soon as you hit a large room with high vaulted ceilings it would rock with the wispy tendrils of booster smoke spiraling out towards soon to be bug mist targets! Bring it on, a small modicum of tactical timing and restraint is worth the devastating limited usefulness. Originally those codex based squad setup options weren’t considering Broodlords and Scythe strain monstrosities and I’m sure that given their elite status, a request for an altered loadout with victory and glory as the goal would hardly be refused by the Tech Servitors in the Quartermaster role or the ranking CO.