Dear DONTNOD and Community Manager

Hi! So I've noticed every single question, including irate ones, about a release date for an update to fix all these progress breaking bugs has been consistently avoided, dodged, and ignored now for a month. Just what the fuck is going on at DONTNOD? This "community manager" is full of shit. Because I'm tellin ya now, if an update is being worked on, an general idea of a release date would be announced. Instead all I see is "please hand over your save so we can look at it". Meaning not much is being done! Correct me if I'm wrong, but the devs are meant to be 100% HANDS ON WITH THE COMMUNITY HERE, with the people who paid FULL RETAIL price for their game. A good example is Warhorse, for Kingdom Come. 1 on 1 dev contact and fully detailed patch announcements and troubleshooting. I paid 92 fucking dollars for your game - That I haven't been able to play in weeks. I will be expecting an answer, and one is owed to all the people on this site, too, who have paid full price for what's essentially a beta test game. You can delete this post but I'll just paste it again. I asked this question 2 weeks ago politley, got me no where. I'm no asshole looking for trouble, I just want my game to work! It's a pretty sad, cringeworthy state of affairs when a gaming site actually had to make a page listing all the progress breaking bugs, none of which has solutions! Lol!

When can we expect a release of your much touted "upcoming update"? A week? A month? Two?

Thank you.

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@despoiler I have the same feelings. I've emailed with details of the game blocking glitch I encountered and after several weeks all they've replied is "we'll forward this to dontnod". Considering how many people have purchased what I would classify as a "broken product" any business outside of gaming would be expected to either return it or fix it. These people seem to have no interest in doing either. If they do, they've provided no communications concerning their plan, as you said.

@despoiler Hi there,

Firstly, apologies for not responding to every single post, it's been incredibly hectic here these last couple of weeks. Rest assured that the issues that you have been seeing have been passed on to the dev team, as are every post that is made here.

Your specific question, about the morgue, has been alerted to the dev team multiple times, and is a current priority for them to fix. If you do have any further questions that need immediate responses, please feel free to email or PM me directly, and I will do my best to respond immediately.

The tone of the post here isn't cool with the forum rules, however, as we aim to keep the forum constructive. Please, in future, refrain from swearing at us, as you can make the same points you made here without doing so.