Bad team leaders/point men.

How many times have you joined a game, where the person on point, keeps running ahead?

By doing this, all that they are demonstrating, is their bad leadership qualities. Running ahead, when on point, shows a total lack of consideration for the rest of their battle brothers, who may be engaged in a rear guard action or sealing doors. These rear guard people, then do have to run, in-order to catch-up. However, if a stupid point man keeps running, then they can never catch-up. All it achieves is the team being split up. The only time a person on point should run, is when they don't have the weaponry, or shields, to deal with a turret, and need to seek cover.

Please, people on point, stop running ahead, and give some consideration to your squad members. Also, it looks more cool to walk than to keep running everywhere.

Rest assured, anyone who joins a game that I host, where I'm on point duty, I'll never leave a team mate behind.

@hengist if it could be reflected from real world situations, the ranking officer/NCO or squadleader is rarely if ever tasked with that role as it clashes with the role of giving orders and assessing the flow of the mission from a position of overview, so as to best achieve said role. It is also counter productive to have your number 1 taken out by an ambush as the loss of command has a drastic effect on morale and cohesion of a unit in contact and therefore is the last thing desired. Maybe agree to situation where a map location is the ‘bounding’ waypoint (next intersection etc) and then at worst, the gap is manageable. Not sure how many players are viable communicators tactically but it’s an idea. I totally understand your point and it’s why I am very selective with the co-op teammates I play with.

yeah thats right walking looks so cool btw im a stalker about to jump on your neck xD

ok jokes aside headless running ahead with no eyes and ears for your squad is never good in no coop/multiplayer game true

but there is a big problem with camping players in this game if there would not be a leader going ahhead they would sit on the first crossrad for hours and shoot every stealer they see

this game is about fighting while advancing and i dont care about other space hulk games we talk about shdwee no other game ok ......... i play this now 140 hours no mercy only

i see so many squads fail because mr.bob and mr.bobo think the have to kill every genestealer in the universe and also lock every door in the universe fighting while advancing guys fighting while advancing not camping till the doctor comes

and about door locking its not always good to lock them when you get chased ok lock it but if you dont know when and speacially from where the next swarm comes dont lock doors cause otherwise you can find your self with two broodlords in your face and a closed gate behind you ............ have fun 😉

and thats not nonsense i have seen squads dying because of that guys who told me things like (have you ever played the tutorial? you have to lock doors!) xD lvl 12 guy said to an lvl 104 guy xD they are so cute sometimes xD

btw the tutorial has nothing absolutley nothing to do with the reality of this game nothing at all xD

and ofc you have to ask why the hell is there still no voip in this game we have 2018 every fucking multiplayer game has it even warhammer space marine from 2011 has it i dont get why you keeping this away from the players developers why are you doing this dont you want us to communicate or do you think typing while getting swarmed by hords of stealers is a skill that every terminator has to learn you kidding me?