MudRunner: June Community Update


Hello MudRunners!

This month's community update, as was said before, is going to be a little different. We're working on a lot behind the scenes right now, but they aren't ready for announcement, so this month we're talking cool things going on in the community, and some of our favourite mods, videos and content that you, the MudRunner community, have produced!

Let's preface this by saying that while we have tested out the mods we link below, we can't officially endorse them and it's always possible that a mod can break your game - make sure to backup your save files and configurations before using any of the mods we link below. These are just the things that stood out to us most this month, and in no way is a commentary on anything else that was made this month.

This month's favourite map:

The map that most stood out to us this month was the map mod Sahara by Bogelman Darby.

Youtube Video

This is a simple map in it's construction, but does something very interesting with the world in which it's built. There are no loading points, and no lumber mills. This means that you need to explore the map itself, and follow the story of the vehicles that collected lumber already in the world.

These vehicles aren't always in the best condition, and your original vehicle will spawn with a very limited amount of fuel, and while there is a garage in the map, you will also need to find a tank attachment before you can take full advantage of it.

This month's favourite vehicle mod:

We're big fans of what Mudgett has done with [their Buggy vehicle mod]

alt text

A fast and agile little vehicle, the Buggy get a round the maps, or gets stuck, very quickly! If you're looking for something able to put the pedal to the metal and get zooming around maps, we recommend checking this one out!

We realise that this is a very PC-focused community update this month, and all we can say to that is that we will have some information for the console crowd coming up in the next month that you're going to be very excited about. More news when that comes, though!

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Thanks for the update @Iyagovos . Have a great weekend man!

@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner: June Community Update:

w the story

@Iyagovos Thanks for the update. I'm hopping we get news from behind the scenes content soon enough and that it's worth the time it's taking to even be talked about. We already have youtubers who talk about great quality mods in a weekly basis.

Nice to see a Mod Spotlight! Hope for more of these.

Thanks for the spotlight of mod and map. Looking forward to next month update. I only play on ps4. Love the game!

@Iyagovos when are u releasing trailer for mudrunner usa? i was expecting to see it on e3

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@deathcoreboy1 Hey!

I understand the concerns there, and yes, we will have behind the scenes information coming out this month, have no fear 🙂

This post is deleted!

Let's keep this topic friendly, everyone.

This post is deleted!

ok let me clarify my post

that map IMO is a poor quality map (to be showcased in a community update) same goes to the mod (poor quality to be released)

my share of maps links was for them to test better quality content (dont know if they actually test them or not, atleast users will see them a play some log/trail focused maps and not a pointless desert with non crawlable hills)

also seems like you're into me or something @mudhappy why are you soo butt hurt against any post that I make lately?? deal with them on a pm, i get like 10 or so over the week and I read them all (regardless of the languaje or purpouse because i get hate from users because of me not sharing my mods to the public)


@Iyagovos Said

Let's keep this topic friendly, everyone.

I'll let them answer but you have the final word either delete my posts on here if they cause too much issue i rather have you do that before this gets out of hands

@forces In future, please PM me if you have an issue with other people's content that we are highlighting, it lowers the tone of the whole community otherwise.

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“This month's favourite map/vehicle”…

I wonder, who exactly made this choice – the Community (really??), or you, and you alone? Or do you suppose you can speak on behalf of the Community, promoting your personal favourites? 🙂

Because, you know, neither of the chosen ones looks like anything extremely popular in Steam workshop. The truth is, you do have a hard time trying to find both of those in there. Amazing, how you actually managed to dig those up, in the first place…

So the question is (and I think the Community would be happy to know it, as well), what are the criteria this “favourite map/vehicle” - thing is based upon?

@pokemone Like I say in the post, they're the ones that we've enjoyed the most in the office this month. We're not doing this to promote what is already recognised, but to show the ones that we have enjoyed, and think more people should give an eye to.

@iyagovos Thanks for your reply! I'm looking forward to it. Keep it up boys. I love your game!!

Oh, thank you friends !!!! Making cards for Mudrгnner is almost like a hobby !!! 🙂

Can't wait for July update. Maybe a picture or something.