Xbox One, Vampyr freezes before title screen

After downloading the game, I attempted to load it up, and it worked until it got to the DontNod screen, and then it froze. After a few seconds it kicks me back to the home menu. I’ve tried various solutions such as resetting my operating system among other things. Would appreciate some help.

What platform are you playing on, please?

As I said in the title, Xbox One. Standard.

@thetrumanman3 My apologies, I totally missed that!

You bought the game digitally, what version is it? Is it fully updated?

I bought a physical copy. Which is strange, as most of the problems seem to stem from digital copies. When I had all these issues, it was fully updated. But since then I deleted it, and am currently reinstalling.


After you reinstalled it, did you see any more instances of the error?