Werewolf look like dry mummy in this game.

it's seems that i'm the only one who is disturb by actual artwork of the werewolf in this game. the actual design show a werewolf without fur, muscle, and expresion. This design look like an undead and dry creature no empathie, no charisma, no might, just horror.

Ok werewolf must be sacry but this is all that design show. Werewolf of WoD isn't just voilent creature, they live in community, they talk, they celebrate new season, they communicate with spirit. Try to imagine a peacefull cairn full of this thing


I agree with you. They should be more like this:
alt text

they don't have to be all mastotdonte ahroun, but a creature more difforme member (longer and larger arms) and fur all over the body would be better

Also agreed, where's the muscle on that werewolf? So many good examples in the core rulebooks to choose from.

I'm kind'v curious as to what a "wet mummy" would be like, but feel that googling those words would be a mistake.

could be a bone gnawer garou maybe?

bone gnawer doesn't mean is,'t furless or skinny like that. And if i was them, the first design i will reveal would not be a particural werewolf but a regular werewolf

Other images from the released concept work show forms we are a bit more familiar with.

But I agree that the Joshua Timbrook, Ron Spencer, and Steve Prescott styles should be the basis of style, IMO.

I do not know when the trailer will appear, but it makes me really freaked.
Because a crap design could stop me from buying the game.

And after answer on different WoD forum, i didn't manage to find any WtA fan who likes this design.

Well I'd not put it past the developers to be making several looks to Werewolf appearances, this may be an elder who is on their last leg or tainted by the Wyrm to the point of insanity or an experimented on. Just saying...

Ah there we are, actually check link attached to that, it's clear there's more than that design going on :http://aggrogamer.com/article/5841/E3-2017-Interview--Werewolf-The-Apocalypse

Here's one that sticks out as very typical werewolf like:
alt text

I kinda think we're getting mummies, at least if we go by their promotional art. https://cdn.focus-home.com/admin/common/forum/back.jpg - http://cdn.focus-home.com/admin/games/focus/cover/id-49.jpg

I've also been to Paris Games Week and seen that particular composition linked been on display in the Focus booth. It might be an early "this looks like the best concept art for it right now" - or it could be the style that's closest to what they're going for.

Definitely not a fan of the fleshy/mummy look either. But if the Underworld movies are any indication (or most werewolf flicks for that matter), I think they could be considering that they don't want to stray too far from the established "monstrous horror werewolf" look to grab the bigger audience.

Which would be... disappointing.

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Werewolf dessign update

this one is in every way better than the first one

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