I had a weird match this morning. The match started with my opponent disconnecting prior to the kickoff, which is not suspicious in the least. He also disconnected in the middle of the match, which also wasn't suspicious. Each disconnect the timer would start at 6:00 and count down to about 1 minute before my opponent reconnected.

Finally with two turns left, and me about to win the match, my opponent disconnected again. This time the timer went down to 1 minute again and then they reconnected without actually reconnecting. I mean, I had a movement pathed and the movement never happened. But the reconnect timer went back to 6:00 minutes without the match ever starting again. This time the timer went down to about 2:30 and then another timer claiming I was disconnected from the servers started.

His timer ran down to 0 and nothing happened. Eventually my timer for the loss of server went down to zero and the match was awarded 3-1 to my opponent.

I don't know what the heck was going on, but I've never seen anything like it. It was VERY disappointing to spend over 20 minutes just waiting for him to reconnect over the course of the match, and get robbed of the victory when my team was currently the top placed skaven team.

ROUS No More vs Odino's Pizza, played today 2018/02/29 09:32 AM UTC-7.