Re: Will the multiplayer be separate from the single player please?

In the Mordheim beta there was a multiplayer mode that let you make a warband worth X amount of points. Everyone had access to the same amount of gold and points to customize a quickmatch warband. This feature was literally the only reason I ended up buying Mordheim. It still ended up being a game that I loved, but nonetheless not QUITE as much as I could have.

It was great to be able to theorycraft a few warbands and put them to the test against a friend or random opponent. I believe many people would have sunk quite a few more hours into this game had this feature made it to launch. It's nice to have the option to remove the grind and luck factors from competitive play for those who chose to. I hope you consider something like this in Necromunda, a game we are all excited for.

As an option it would be okay, but I don't want it entirely separate. I get attached to my NPCs but I still can think of situations where I'd want to bring my official gang in a PvP, such as the "lore" outcome of a battle with a friend, but I wouldn't want to do play a lot of online matches with my narrative gang because PvP is more unpredictable than Ai. With persistent wounds it's a somewhat intimidating prospect to risk units you've grown attached to in PvP, which can be easy mode or ultra-hard mode depending on the luck of the matchmaker.

So yeah, I'd like to see options. This standard budget setup is one way, that's more competitive. Or dedicated PvP Warbands separate from single player. And one other thing is that considering the increased challenge of facing a human player, I believe that they should figure out a way to lessen the risk of skirmishing in PvP. Casualties are bound to be higher in PvP, so I don't actually believe it's fair for the permanent consequences of losing units to be as likely and severe as in singleplayer. But if they get rid of consequences entirely that's also a detriment, because permeance is an important part of this game.

I would be ok with a purely multiplayer "campaign" as well. Big fan of bloodbowl and that worked out well. My one concern is that if/when the game dies down, on the budget system it would remain fun to play with just my friends list.