The AI

All those wanting to know about the AI, Well its the worst AI i have ever seen worse than any Blood Bowl game yet.

One example a Vampire suffers from blood lust he ends turn on his own so goes of for a bite, also the computer can not defend they will just randomly forget all about the ball.

Who the hell was in charge of the AI, I remember some one on FUMBBL design a AI version and it was very very good a challenging.

One thing i like to see change big time is the fact that every time a player blitz if he has to roll to avoid for a diving catch it stops his action entirely

That's such a massive disappointment - so glad I waited before buying instead of believing the lie that Cyanide had improved the AI this time around. The least they could do is open up the AI tools to the community but they say they're too busy to do so.

I played one match against AI elves. When I stole the ball and got into their backfield, they ran the only two elves that could blitz my ball carrier to provide assists for meaningless blocks on the LOS and never even blitzed my player who scored the next turn!

I find the AI better than in BB1. Some times, it even looks like it knows what it's doing.
My main concerns are :

  • The AI still don't care about the turns, even on the last turn, it will make a cage on its own half.
  • All races and teams have the same style of play : cage, block, even with elves. And AI will try some risky moves pretty much often.
    All in all, it's not that bad, but clearly not challenging, outside of luck.

I want to add my voice to this thread. The AI on BB2:LE is shocking. My opinion is that the AI on BB1 could beat it! That's right! With a new version Focus have taken a backward step! This is after promises in the run up to BB2 and also BB2:LE that the AI would be improved.

Here are my concerns,

  • Still no turn awareness (which was promised!)

  • In defence it is happy to block on the LOS whilst you advance the ball to score unmolested

  • It will never crowd surf you when it has a two on one and could well do!

  • It does actions that are risky with dice rolls before even the non-dice roll ones (e.g. stand someone up).

This is shockingly bad Focus. You either don't know how to program an AI or don't care (or both)!

Please do some work on it or open it up to the community to do a better job!

A very unhappy customer.

@johnny. The AI surf you these days if you leave a player alone on the sideline. That s an improvement . What it does not is chain push and crowd surf you.

One thing i feel is inconsistent is the offensive set up of the AI. Quite often he has only 3 guys on the LOS and waste movement on his players to bring them support for a block. It is just stupid waste.

Finally i like the classic principle implemented for the AI...if it' s possible:

  1. All the player who do not require a roll (stand up, activate, movement....)
    2.all the block with 2 to 3 dice
  2. All the action that are backed up by a skill (sure hands, dodge, pass, pro, ...)
  3. all the 1 dice rolls
  4. fouls if playing stunty teams/ undead/ any race with cheap players that requires that tactic on their playbook OR if bribe is available ( kick off event or ref rest area)
    6.Optional: dice uphill ( about to be surfed for example)
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Today, I was at a friend's, teaching him the wonders of BB2:LE and he asked about the AI.

I decided to show him instead of explaining how terrible it is.
I launched the Eternal League with a fresh Chaos Dwarf team, entered the first tournament, facing Halfling.

Twice during the course of the game, the AI rerolled a 1D pow (into skull/both down, but that's not relevant)!
For no reason at all.

Why? Is it so advanced it considered suicide as the better solution?

That was a first for me. I saw many stupid moves from the AI but never did it reroll a successful block.

It was... Legendary (Edition) indeed.

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THAT I have never seen.

@mrinku said in The AI:

THAT I have never seen.

It was indeed a new low.

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