list of wanted features / bugfixes

@Sodoma Thanks for the input. Love all of it!

@sodoma Are the team working in bringing Force Feedback to consoles? More specific into PS4 and G29 driving wheel.
I've stopped playing new maps and challenges until I can use my wheel.

I don't know about the PS4, but with my T150 wheel on the PC and this game, I always have to unplug, wait, and re-plug my wheel for the force feedback to work (do this in the controls options menu where you set up the wheel). Maybe you can try that on your PS4 if you haven't. But yeah, that would be another wanted bug fix.

@unster I'll try that tomorrow. Another bug with a workaround is: to get 900° wheel range, before start MudRunner, you have to open a racing game which support the G29 like Asseto Corsa or Project CARS( or Project CARS 2 demo), quit and open MudRunner. This workaround was mentioned by another user in the forums.

Something I came up with recently.

  • Make "Kiosk"("white")/"Scavenge"("black") modes for maps switchable like "casual"/"hardcore" modes.
    Official maps has few kiosks (log spawn points) across the map. For "classic" mode RNGesus chooses at least one or few (but never more than half of them) sites as "active" individually for each player or collectively. That forces player to adapt for new routes and prevents playing specific map the same way all over again.
    "Scavenge" mode enables all kiosk sites, but behave as in usual "scavenge mode" mechanics.
    For example "Ridge" map in "white" mode disables all sites except two on each small island and there player is has choice of what he want to deliver. Another session will have two points some where at south etc.
    Same goes for, like, "Island" map - the difference that not all sites would be active. It will be either near 2nd garage or northernmost site etc.
    "Casual" auto-load areas may or may not be present on map, but "scavenge" will force disabling the area regardless of difficulty mode. Or said area will autoload only specific types of cargo.

  • Gameplay/vecicles:
    "Autonomus" mode for carts. The purpose is to make all carts "accessible" by any incompatible vehicle. Currently loaded with lumber like on long logs cart or complex "medium cart with crane" also counts.
    Any owned cart by player may be parked in "autonomus" mode, that allow use it without being attached. How do I see it works: cart works in advanced mode only and only if owner is connected via winch to cart's special port (lets say it has blue color). When owner get connected to cart, it behave as "attached" with visible options like repair or fuel. Any pull or exiting "advanced" will release winch. All carts must be attached to compatible truck to be refilled, since autorefill on garage won't work in "advanced" and due to latter, "refill"/"unload" menu won't show anyway.
    "Lumber" carts allow to pack/drop load without needing to be attached to compatible truck.
    "Utility" carts can share it's points within usual circle around "active" vehicle.
    "Garage" will have to have special option to "unpack" garage points if "main" vehicle and/or cart is within "garage" area.
    While this feature won't see much usage on "official" maps, since they are that simple, this highly likely wanted on custom maps, which some has ridiculous amount of mills and dedicated logistics are being too much pain.
    Also, this gives options for mappers to drop "mobile" and/or "finite" cache of supplies without spawning dedicated for this purpose truck.
    Semis may also count, but i'd like to limit this to carts only.

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@unster I've tried what you said and the problem persist. I hope in the next update they fix this problem because on PC is working so they already have implemented Force Feeback commands.

i wonder if the no brakes while using force accel (cruise control) with the bigger trucks (C type and up) might finally get fixed. only been waiting since release for it.

Hi guys, new to spin tires and the forum but think this game is awesome ever since I trailed it on a friends PC. I'm on ps4 but have spent hours getting stuck and it's great!

So here a few things I would like to see:

No current vehicle location on the map

I find it to easy to find an easy route because even though I play only on hardcore and try very hard not to access the map, when changing vehicles I find out where I am so I would like to see a discovery mode where your current vehicle location does not show on the map meaning that you will have to find features in the game (such as lakes or rock forms) and relate them to the map to find your current location this of course would mean that that route planning would have to be done in the old school compass and paper/virtual map
This could be an easy update to implement

Route maintenance

I would also like to see a way of clearing routes from tree branches and laying of track over soggy area. I have seen another post about bridge repair and the idea is the same, send out material and special vehicles to improve very small areas of tracks but improvement degrade with use

@anchorcattheory good suggestions and welcome to the board. I'd upvote your post twice if i could.

Hi all! I also love this game a lot. Is this kind of addictive thing I can't quit for some reason. Anyways. There is a long way to go for this game and I hope the developers continue to work on it so we can get a long mudrunner session.
Here are a few things I came up regarding this topic.
1- Drawing distance. enough said! trees change right in front of you and mud tracks disapear way to close to player's position.
2- Maps with more than forest. It's true that the game is based on syberia deep woods, but I'd love to see some little villages on the maps. Also, making more assets (3d models) to make each map a little bit original would be cool.
3- Truck's wheels spin to easy. I'm from a little village in Cuba and I grew up surrounded by Kamaz, Kraz, Gaz... pretty much you name it. Trucks have waaay more traction than what's currently in the game. Due to it's weight, in no deep mud, unles you apply too much and quick gas, truck will have traction. In the game, your wheels spin almost in every little chunk of mud.
4- Different types of difficulty. Mud is the best part of this game, but also, can be alittle boring some times. I think the maps should have some different kinds of difficulties to diversify the path and make it interesting. This is well implemented in the blue UAZ challenge where you have to climb a hill troughout a narrow difficult road. Imagina maps where besides the muds, swamps etc, you also wave this semi-broken big bridge you have to cross some how, or a road on a hill you have to go through risking your load and your truck to a long fall.

With that said, I hope you guys find useful my list and if you feel the same about these suggestions, give a thumbs up and quote iyagobos so we can help the devs know which way to go.
Thanks for reading 😛

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А будет ли когда то синхронизация света фар,колеи,а то как то не сильно реалистично

@dmitry09320 Multiplayer sync is a long asked feature buddy. They said it is in the list of future plans. We will have to wait and see.

@deathcoreboy1 said in list of wanted features / bugfixes:

3- Truck's wheels spin to easy. I'm from a little village in Cuba and I grew up surrounded by Kamaz, Kraz, Gaz... pretty much you name it. Trucks have waaay more traction than what's currently in the game. Due to it's weight, in no deep mud, unles you apply too much and quick gas, truck will have traction. In the game, your wheels spin almost in every little chunk of mud.

Yup, and I mentioned this too. The tires even spin on pavement! There should be a higher threshold for tire spin, but once the tires start spinning they shouldn't have as much traction as they do in the game. This would also depend on the depth of the mud.


Don't know if this is the right place to post but, i think that secondary objectives that doesn't involve carrying logs would be awesome. Example: Imagine if you have to load your truck with COAL with the help of your K-700, and you have to deliver it at some place and there is a train crossing the map so:

  • Other skills should be tested when loading coal based on KGs or LBs and piles of coal you have to get the resource from;
  • Making your truck bounce may make your truck lose some of the load;
  • When the NPC train is crossing the map (scheduled time, after coal load is delivered, after X KG/LBS loads are delivered...) trucks are blocked and cannot pass. Blockage should be something like 10minutes real time. Obviously, train will do damage on hit if the truck driver does not want to wait;

Thanks for reading 🙂

give manual transmission like in the 2011 demo

instead of rehashing the usual things i do. (cough: brakes with FA on KB) how about a 4th cam position. without a trailer we have the regular cam. reverse cam and off set to the right of vehicles. how about when you hit (key2, or right Dpad a second time) it goes to right side reverse cam. i feel this would greatly help and i for one could use it. it is nice to have it when needing to spot that corner of the vehicle in tight and/or wooded areas.

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Lately I've been playing some custom maps and I have found that rescuing broken/overturned vehicles and getting them to the garage can be a fun challenge, especially if they're stuck in a difficult place. I think the official maps should take advantage of this gameplay mode more. It's nice to have missions besides just delivering logs.

I haven't seen the 2011 demo, but a regular manual transmission (with sequential shifting) would sure be nice.

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@Unster i agree, garbage clean up i mean rescue is a lot of fun, but i don't have the custom maps. The one challenge with the sunken treasure was a lot of fun, but mostly i have to dispatch vehicles to rescue my mistakes, haha.

let us see other players lights
working mirrors

in hardcore
let us break axles,driveshafts,
make it so if we are pushing the truck to hard make it over heat
dual winch lines,