Matched up with a 520k difference

I just got matched with my 940k rookie team against a 1460 chaos team. WTF! Is this the usual match up in Camps? when you start a team???? I am suposed to win? Its just fun for the opponent and constant uphill suffering for me!

Very likely there were no other teams in your pool on a Monday EU lunchtime. It's also likely there were some inducements/journeymen involved.

Thanks for the prompt answer. So is there no limit to the TV difference? I mean, there is no scenario where the matchmaking just says “no these two teams do not match lets wait for another 5mins”?
Just wondering, not saying thats a bad thing.

Btw, you are right, my opponent had 1 journeymen.

The limit is 500TV. Your opponent having 1 journeyman would have put your matching TVs at 460 (assuming it was a beastman), so within that range.

Personally I would like some sort of new team protection so that you start with a max of 300TV or so and increase it on a games-played basis (there are many similar concepts which would have a similar effect), but I've no idea if it will happen.

Thanks Dode, very usefull piece of information.

Any sort of limitation in TV difference sould certainly be done.
I started to play a bit in Ladder like a week ago with two teams.
The experiece I make in that format is quite unsattisfying.

Roughly 50% of the match offers are within +/-150 TV.
Usually, I do not give up a match easily and fight for a tiny chance.
But facing teams with most players having 2+ skills with a noob squad
is not fun at all. Same appears to me when I had to play a poor starting
team when I hit TV around 1400.

Ofc, the free inducements help a little, but,especially with beginner teams,
they can never fill those gigantic gaps.

What other than a quick concession do you think is the outcome?
It is pontless to play such match ups, increases frustration level and
in the end it is a waste of time.

I'd rather play no game at all and wait till some opponent within my teams
quality is around.

@dode74 said in Matched up with a 520k difference:

The limit is 500TV.

Sometimes the enforcement is buggy, though. I've had two instances, one of 520 and one of 570 TV diff AFTER pricing in journeymen in the past, though it seems to be a very rare occurrence to be sure.

It's still unclear (to me) what the cause for the occurrence is (very long spin times? roster change during spinning?). Don't know if it has ever been properly investigated.