Beta Invite

Not going to lie, getting that E-mail made my workday here on Monday better. I can't wait to try this out!

Also awaiting my key. Can't wait to help make this a polished, gleaming gem!

Me three! Glad I checked my email lol, but now Iā€™m constantly checkingg it and forums numerous times a day for the steam code 0,0

Yeah same here waiting on my key....

Ive been feverishly checking my email and recently realized....I had an invite back in friggin MARCH lmao....sigh...oh whale....guess I missed out

So, beta invites are being sent via e-mails tied to the Steam account? And game codes are not attached to these e-mails, they come in separately? And the beta is live at the moment and was for quite some time? (since march)? Is what I gather from this thread correct?

Pre-ordered yesterday and wondering when I can expect beta access, realistically.

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So, less than one month before the game's release : did someone have some news about the beta ?

@Netheos what means for you the words "a few weeks" we can read in the steam store page:
"Gamers who pre-order their Space Hulk: Tactics Steam PC key now before release will not only get 20% off, they will also receive:
Multiplayer Beta access a few weeks before launch"
Perhaps it's about time, no ? šŸ˜‰