STEAM/PC-Version: Moving mouse switches targets rapidly without moving mouse wheel!

This bug is making combat EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, to the point where the game is only playable if i just ru n away from any fight involvinig more than one enemy or unless the enemy is below my level! (and im still at the hospital in the storyline but when i venture into whitechappel to retrieve the last note for the "wrong person" quest from the woman in the hospital suffering from "Cotard's syndrome" then this is pretty much game breaking... What this bug is doing is: allowing me to switch targets with my mouse by BARELY TWITCHING THE MOUSE OR BY GENTLY MOVING THE MOUSE left or right and the default "mouse-wheel up or down" as far as switching targets works fine and is precise, but when i have to attack with my left or right mouse buttons... THE MOUSE MOVES SOMETIMES and thus in the middle of an attack animation from pressing left click, or the same goes for when clicking the right click and attempting a stun-attack: If the mouse MOVES EVEN THE TINIEST BIT,... then the target switches to another enemy! (It usually switches targets to the furthest away target, but it hits the "intended target enemy" about only 10% to 15% of the time because the mouse DOES move sometimes when i go to click something, but even if it only moves a centimeter or so, the game thinks i'm telling it to switch targets! I'm using a common mouse with no required software to run on windows... and i would like to know how to (A:) know how to roll-back my version of the game or disable the patch and roll back to an older version... OR (B:) please tell me how to fix this issue myself within my "settings.ini" file (provided one exists within the STEAM/PC version of the game) or, "(C:)" Could you please present STEAM USERS and PC users of your game to get a "HOTFIX" for fixing this issue immediately so we can actually render our games playable? becuase i am NOT the only one with this issue, i've seen multiple posts about it on the forums within VAMPYR- Forums via STEAM Primarily within the General Discussions page, and even on Reddit! I would appreciate a reply to this post or perhaps a new hotfix or another patch release date so i could go back to enjoying your game! As it's combat difficulty was fun and exciting but now it has been rendered unplayable and i DON'T want a severe bug like this to disturb my trust in the way that "Focus" as a studio does their "Pre Patch Release Quality Control" And im sure that something will be done in a timely manner but until then i'd like to continue playing my game in a playable-state.

Hello there,

Sorry for taking a bit to get back to you here - we're looking into this now.