Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

Salut, faut il attendre cette après midi pour télécharger la beta? Merci.
Hi, should we wait this afternoon to download the beta? Thank you.

@ryan68 Fair enough see if you can contact the devs on the forum for the alpha access when its up later

What the situation about the servers? i cant find any server in Alpha

Still hoping I can get into this

Yes I understand, I was quoting the other person that didn't seem to understand that you couldn't use that key on your other account

Hi, really bad I do not feel at all like playing insurgency 2014 better. Too heavy, slow, cards too big, it is a skin of battalion. there's work...

@gordonboss it says "Congrats! out of the thousands of people who submitted, you were selected along a few more than the last alpha..." a seperate email should have gone thru yesterday. Got one around noon

@geoffryhk For people like me, the download will take around 3 hrs(Absolute shit internet) and probs just not many people on. A new update on steam launched this morning and is around 14 gegabytes

so i was invited to join the alpha but i did not recive any access code and i cannot install the game on steam?

Good luck to those who got into the Alpha! if you didnt i home to see you when the Beta starts ♥

Hello Devs! I just signed up to the beta but I think that the first wave of closed alpha keys have been sent. I'm late 😞 When will you start to second wave?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

I would like to test it 🙂 been playing FPS games for 20 years (omg).. currently, only game i play is ins. Love it so much!

man I love the original! I already preordered sandstorm and I just cant wait guys I need this 😞 hope I get a key!

@John_Bolten There's no way to get into the Alpha anymore? Ugh, damn.

how soon will I get the key for closed technical alpha

Just signed up. i live in Anchorage, AK . i'd provide info on latency and other relevant bugs.

Sade for my best teammate, he told me "look they ve prepare an Alpha Test" and i was already jumping in a NWI sever push like always... i've check it, we've make registration both... and i've got it and not him 🙂 ok that like i'm electron and he is a brain 😛 he told me, i've got it hehehe i hope maybe he will can join it soon... preying for the huge love of the Dev's 😉

Anyways thank you again and again (the Third Insurgency is sublime)