Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

I loved the source mod and stand alone, I cannot wait for Sandstorm!

@netheos would love a key for the closed alpha, most of friends in the 312th clan have it and I would love to get one. we got a lot of love for NWI, these tac fps games are some of the best ever.

Well, at least one of our clan have an invite and can report back to the lads. I had hoped I would have had a chance to help with the testing. Maybe another time, I'll be in the Beta as I have the game on pre-order.

I like this game and I have bought it for my friends.😘

Kewl. Can't wait to test this game oot.

signed. of course im excited too !

Just signed. Hoping to get the key so I can test it and spread the word about the game. Fingers crossed.

Signed up, I hope that I can stand a chance to be chosen

how do i get a key ? wont let me process the sign up, Been a fan of insurgency for a looongggg timeee

Hoping that i will be chosen 😃

pestionly wi8ng for this beta

so I keep clicking register now and nothing happens?? is it bugged? or did it sign me up and just not re direct me to a confirmation page????

disregard last, found the solution. Hitting enter in the email field. Weird

Signed up!!!! Cant wait either way

Awesome. I've been playing Insurgency since I was a kid. Went completely nuts when the source mod (modern infantry combat) was released. And by the way, I really miss the old maps such as Baghdad and Haditha. I hope some of them are included in Sandstorm.

It would be a great pleasure to test the Alpha version... fingers crossed here.

Signed up, hopefully can get in and join my teamate. As I saw the E3 conference about your game, first its look awsome and unique and second we can see you are in a real state of hard work to make a good game, making your community enjoying the stuffs.

Bye MC'Diggaz

I am STOKED! I seriously hope to get in. Even though I only have 100 hours in Insurgency its ones of my favorite FPS games