Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

I AM SOO EXCITED ABOUT TIHS GAME!!!! Favorite shooter atm

I CANT SIGN UP? Facebook Team first reacted and now no respond? Please help!!!!

@killah What exactly your problem is ? Do you get any error message ?

Hi folks i just signed for the closed Alpha.

I have a monitor with FreeSync technology (RX 580 with 144Hz FreeSync monitor) therefore if you want me to test this specifically i can give you a detailed report on the thing.

You let me know alright, always ready.

Signed up and ofc the nip clamps are primed and ready.

I'm a veteran of the mod and can't wait to get my hands on sandstorm!

Already got the Beta but I just can't wait that I signed up for this too! 😁
I only got a Tier 3 card but I can run Fortnite with 100+ fps, even then I'm still kinda worried but hopefully I could run it as well if not better 👍

awesome, hope I get access!

I believe I signed up. Just for clarification, the "questions below" was just signing into your steam account, correct?

Signed up so excited !

@70mahawk They're going to want years of AAA professional experience for positions like and none of those positions are entry level. I pursued a career in 3D modeling just to get my foot in the door of the industry but that was also extremely difficult.

Signed up but I haven't even purchased the beta yet lol. Oh well I can't wait to see how it's going to feel playing with Unreal!

Donne donne la clé je bave trop sur mon bureaux !! signé

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First time pre-ordering and first time applying for an alpha. Looking forward to this game!

I have never been accepted into a closed beta, so hopefully this is my chance! Cant wait for this game to come out!!