Closed Technical Alpha Sign-ups Re-opened!

Hi! I just signed up for the alpha, Im an up and coming content creator and Id love to be part of the alpha for Insurgency: Sandstorm, give feedback and in due time show my community how awesome this game is.

I can't wait to play Insurgency Sandstorm since I played Insurgency. I hope I can get a chance to experience the closed technical alpha test and help developers to find bugs and so on, thank you so much!

Signed. Thank you and really hoping to have a chance to test and give some feedback in this phase!

i really hope i can get access to the closed beta

i'm try to sign but i already forum member but it's says you are a not forum member what should i ?

@can1231 tu na pas les meme email pour le register et le forum, pour sa que ça
marche pas

@matlapatate what ? do you speak english ?

@can1231 They're saying that you need to use the same email address to sign up as you do with the forum. Can you confirm that you're doing this? There may be a typo in the email you used here.

I just signed and I really hope that I manage to fit the needed requirements, might not have the best PC but I can still run some of the new titles out there without any /hustle/.

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@smile_to_me does systemrquirements explained ?

Sorry, could you repeat that question or edit it a bit I'm struggling to understand what you are asking me, sorry again.

@smile_to_me i mean have system requirements been disclosed

@can1231 Yes, I believe so. You could find them somewhere out there.

This Game is a long lasting fave of mine. A buddy of mine got an alpha invite, really hoping I do too!!

Just signed up as well and I hope I get to test it. I really enjoy Insurgency and I am intrigued to see the improvements from an already good game experience.