Hi... old fart reporting in.

Just signed up to the forum and requested Alpha access.

Fresh meat to the grinder...

I have played Insurgency on and off since the mod, I'm an old school clan admin for a small group of mature gamers based in the UK. The clan has been around a little over 20 years, once active in clan ladders but now just a bunch of old farts primarily playing Co-Op as kids with fast reactions scare us...

I'm also a moderator over at FPSAdmin, a site for server admins, GSP and devs to discuss game server issues and mutual technical support.

I used to make videos for youtube and I'm active on Reddit and other gaming related sites.

For our group, we are more interested in Co-op because as I said, we are getting very old and slow. Working together to kill bots is way more fun for us these days. Chatting on TeamSpeak, getting owned...

killing bots r always fun lol no matter what age

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you here!