Changes to the way sights work

One thing that always bugs me about Insurgency is the sights being unrealistic causing an imbalance. As many of you know who have played in the comp scene, everyone uses either iron sights or high powered scopes.
The optics with no magnification could be improved through implementation of a something such as two eye open aiming, which people do in real life with optics (not iron sights because then you couldn't focus on the front post).
There could also be improvements to balance out some iron sights by making them be more effected by recoil and sway if they are harder to use iron sights (such as an AK's).
NOTE: I have already made a discussion about this on steam and was wondering what people on the forums thought

If you've ever held a firearm or even a realistic imitation irl you can look at the irons a multitude of ways, some are incorrect and the correct way focuses on the front post - you never look at ironsights with one eye closed as you lose depth and your aim is not centerline anymore + if you did that in boot camp your drill instructor would smack you round the back of the head.

Ironsights in ins:mc were glorious, they were works of art, the irons in ins are fine dude, the irons are worse in most if not every other fps game except the armed assault series. even in ins:mc if you weren't an officer or sniper, you only had the choice of irons, no fancy selection of holographics and red dots lol.

If you're worried about irons and sights purely for balance and competitive reasons then lets hope the selection of firearms doesn't cripple the players who don't have a problem going cqc with a m4a1 w/ carry handle, and that we can pick up something like a mp5a4 or even a sa80 - weapons with completely different ironsights that have their own pros and cons, cus you know not everyone struggles with handling blocky irons and reacting fast and on point.

E,g, I use to have the eyes for m1911 irons a decade ago, now i much more prefer glocks (17) as they're more simplistic and more user eye friendly for me.


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What's the point in nerfing ironsights? Thats fairly silly. If people want to use them, let them. If you want to use holos or red dots, do it. The point of customization isn't to make the gun better anyway. Its all preference. There is no magnification difference between the non magnified optics and irons, so you are essentially choosing your "crosshair". Either a dot, the vertex, holo circle, or irons. There should be no difference between them with regard to recoil or sway. A red dot won't make my gun move less when I fire than an iron sight or holo would.