servers down

will servers be down for much longer ?

hmmm still down... have a league game to play and gotta be up in 6 and half hours LOL yeah i am mad

Community Manager

The maintenance is taking more time than expected. We're doing our best to have the servers back up asap.

Thanks for your patience.

You should get some rest, it won't be up in the next hour.

I was wondering if you EVER plan on bringing the Xbox servers back up. I haven't been able to log in for hours and according to your lovely post in the expansion forums they have been online for 7 hours..

@Thonidor, I was able to log in to the xbox bb2 and check things out around 12pm CST yesterday, there may be another update you need, try checking the updates in your "my games/apps" in the Xbox home screen/menu. But without knowing your exact situation it's hard to say why you weren't able to log in around the time of this post

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