Hey, guys! Really excited about this!

Hey everybody,

dennab44 here,

I'm really excited here about the new insurgency sandstorm closed technical alpha registration! so I'm registered and now I'm on this forum. Gotta say, everything here looks so great and unique! Really excited about the future of this game, and hope I could get that closed technical alpha invite. By the way, I don't usually pre-order games, but - Insurgency Sandstorm blew my mind!

After watching, playing, doing some research, of how developers actually look into this game, it's actually a really rare thing to find these days. By that I mean Insurgency got free updates added into the game, and the developers actually communicate with the community. That's the main reason why I pre-ordered this game!

See you in sandstorm!

Hello and welcome!

Grea to see you're excited!